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Leaving the golden cage and starting a yoga retreat. Here is how.

Before starting to run retreats in Sardinia, Alessandra tried to put herself in a golden cage after the other. She worked as a researcher for the European Union, a fund raiser...

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Learn how to accept your challenge from this inspiring woman

Before stepping into opening up the inspiring Montezuma Yoga a decade ago Dagmar's home was the dazzling music business. . But thats a long time ago because Dagmar is running retreats worldwide for more than 15 years. We are very excited to get to know more about this inspiring women and of cause share it with you!

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What It Takes to Become “France’s Best Retreat”

Before starting a breathtaking retreat centre in the picturesque Gascony in the south west of France, Isabell studied business psychology and worked as a meditation teacher and model for 17 years. We had the chance to meet Isabel and would love to share her inspiring story.

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Interview with Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe the founder of SOUL CENTER

Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe is the founder and director of the SOUL CENTRE New Zealand. She has been working in dance and holistic health and wellbeing approaching two decades now. She is an…

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