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In order to say hello to more bookings we usually start with setting up a fresh website helping you to attract and inspire more visitors to book with you.

Building websites for more than 10 years we exactly know what you need to convince guest to book online with you. No distraction, Full focus!

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5 days to launch program

This week is designed to leave out all the unnecessary work.Working only with one client per week enables us to get your site up and running in lighting speed.

Monday - Let the adventure begin

We start with an introduction of the program for the week. After that we’ll hand over our fun to work with worksheets that make it ultra easy for you to fill in all the content needed on the website. The rest of the day you focus on content creation. So find a silent place a cup of coffee and enjoy working through our template.

Tuesday - Content fine tuning

We meet to go through all your content and make sure everything is clear for your visitors. After that we let our experienced copywriters and proofreaders polish your content so it sounds attractive and professional.

Wednesday - We setup up your site

We will use the full day to set up your page. Usually there is nothing to do for you. Do more of what you love to do 🙂

Thursday - We unveil the curtain

Now we will unveil the curtain and you can check out your new site. We will have call where we will show you around and tell you where you find everything. Reading through everything + providing us with feedback

Friday - Optimising your site

It’s time for optimizing the pages for SEO. Also we use this  If everything looks fine to you. We finish the setup with the right domain settings.

Say Hello to more bookings!

Join the world’s most successful activity providers. Become a member of Good Retreats™



Tired of checking for website updates every month? We take care that your site is available and up to date day and night.

Do more of what you want to do!
Join the world’s most successful activity providers. Become a member of Good Retreats™